Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Psalms that do not appear in the Lectionary

Psalm 6

  • PfAS006B Healer of Our Every Ill (Haugen) This is a chorus to a fairly well known song, and here is used as a Psalm refrain. It works well!  
  • A&M529 / PfAS006B My eyes are dim with weeping (Adam) This refrain is really lovely. Highly recommended.  
  • PfAS006C How long how long O Lord (Walhout) 
Psalm 7
  • PfAS007A Plaintive is the song I sing (Goreham) A hymn setting of the Psalm to a familiar tune (NUN KOMM DER HEIDEN LEILAND). Straightforward lyrics. 
Psalm 11
  • PfAS011A O Lord be our refuge (Morgan / Tel) Slightly old fashioned words, but good, and set to the familiar tune FOUNDATION.
Psalm 21
  • PfAS021A To you unequaled strength (Horgan) A good paraphrase to a quite intutive tune. 
Psalm 41
  • PfAS041A What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer (Scriven) A short Psalm response based on this well known old hymn; the refrain can be varied for each response, or remain the same throughout. Oldy-but-a-goody
Psalm 55
  • PfAS055A I need your help O Lord my God (Helen Otte) Quite simple and nice hymnlike Psalm. Simple helpful words.
Psalm 57
  • NCH009 / StJ / ELW791 / SFFS 2001 / CP523 We Sing to You O God (Proulx) Good hymny hymn with inclusive lyrics of praise. A good opening hymn. Nice descant part also. 
Psalm 75
  • StB038 O Parent God, You're Merciful / Sirma apom saya dana (Horo) Simple song in Mundari (a language spoken by Munda people in East India, Nepal and Bangladesh) or English. It will need to be taught, but it's quite lovely.
Psalm 109
  • Online Resource Love stands with (Bruxvoort-Colligan) A good song of justice, about standing with the needy. It might be good to ask the congregation to just join in on the chorus when you first use this one, as the verses are better suited to a cantor or soloist. Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
  • Online Resource Move (Bruxvoort-Colligan) Minimal words would make this a good song to memorise and sing while you are next at a protest rally, with someone singing the verses through a megaphone. But, yeah, you can sing it in church too! Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music.
Psalm 117
  • STB096 Let all nations come praise the Lord (Loh) Taiwanese. The round for the chorus would be quite good used on its own. It will need to be taught. 
Psalm 136
  • STB115 God's love is everlasting (Indonesia) (Widyawan) A simple 2 part canon, with a hold at the end of each line. Will need to be taught.

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