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Songs for Mother's Day / Mothering Sunday (14 May 2017, in most countries)

Songs about mothers
  • *WoV692 / ELW419 / GtG324 / RS885 For all the faithful women (Steumpfle) Great words of the faithfulness of women, including Hannah, Mary, Mary Magdalene, Deborah and Miriam. Sung to a very familiar tune (AURELIA). You could choose just the verses you want so it's not too long, (but all the verses are good). Some words are a bit odd (like the bit about saving "our race" could unfortunately be easily misconstrued). Lyrics
  • *SFFS 2189 A mother lined a basket (Keithahn) Quite a remarkable song about the nurture mothers provide and the risks they take in letting children go. "A mother lined a basket to keep her baby dry, then rocked him on a river lest he awake and cry, She let a princess name him, her son, that he might live, God's people had a leader, she had such hope to give". Could be sung to other tunes such as THORNBURY. Lyrics.
  • *NCH426 O God whose steadfast love (Haddix) A song about family and motherhood. The tune is a very familiar sounding hymn tune (RHOSYMEDRE).  
  • A&M137 / G(II)646 / GC892 / GC(II)871 / G(3)983 / SP42 / StF119 God of Eve and God of Mary (Farrell) A lovely gentle song that celebrates Mary, Eve, and all who play mothering roles.
  • Online Resource / Recorded Music For our mothers of faith (Gordon) A good song about mothers and other women who have "mothered" us in the faith. Very simple chorus which would be great to sing along to. Sound sample, lyrics, and lead sheet available here.
God as Mother 
  • *VU270 Dear Mother God your wings are warm (Wootton) Good images of God as mother; the tune is not known and will need to be taught. Could also be sung to PERFECT LOVE, I think.  
  • *VU484 God the all-holy Maker and Mother (Wren) A Trinitarian song, with the first verse focussed on God as Mother. Sung to the familiar tune BUNESSAN.
  • *AoV1-085 / GtG474 / Lau453 / PfAS131E  Like a child rests in its mother's arms (Walker) A very beautiful and simple refrain; works well on its own. Note that GtG and PfAS have removed the beautiful rest in the 2nd bar of the song, which is one of the things I love about it! I'm quietly outraged... Sound sample and sheet music for (paid) download (including the "restful rest")
  • *VU280 Mother and God (Winter) A short song, suitable for before the intercessions or communion. Beautiful words; some may find the breastfeeding God image a little challenging. Simple tune. Lyrics.
  • Tune In II Mother Our God (Brown) A plain-speaking song that celebrates the image of God as mother, and questions why we have found it hard.
  • *NCH467 / CH117 / VU320 / WoV769 / ELW735 / SFFS 2050 / HPP242 / GtG007 / Cha083 Mothering God you gave me birth (Janzen) Lovely words to the well known tune MARYTON. Feminine trinitarian imagery. I like the tune MOTHER JULIAN (CH4 117(I)) best. Lyrics (scroll down)
  • Online Resource Are you not also a mother? (Grundy) I really like this relaxed jazzy rendition of the prayer of St. Anselm (from around 1100). More for listening than congregational singing.  And yeah, saxophone, right? Live recording. You can find the translation of the prayer here.
God as Grandmother 
  • *Online Resource Grandmother God / Younger than a youth (Wren) This is a great two part song, with a simple bass part and then a second part for the rest of the congregation. Great imagery of strong older women. Sheet music and lyrics

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Pastor Rusty said...

Might try "God of the Women" also. Words are by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette, tune Slane. You can find it at the UMC website: or Carolyn's website. She has written quite a few hymn texts and is usually writing them for lectionary worship use.