Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Songs, Hymns and Music for Easter 3B (April 19 2015)

Acts 3:12-19  
Peter preaches the gospel. Christ was rejected but faith in Christ brings healing. Christ the fulfiller of the prophets.
You could really sing just about anything for this reading.
*TiS 242 / AHB 183 / AoV1-018 / ATN 27 / CH404 / UMH261 / VU352 / A&M667 / HPP163 / GtG157 / PH302 / G(II)481 / GC708 / GC(II)689 / G(3)796 / CP(E) 468 / W&R118 / Lau765 I danced in the morning / Lord of the Dance (Carter / SIMPLE GIFTS).  You all know this one, right? Good for kidsLyrics and tune sample.
TiS 178 / G(II)335 / GC478 / GC(II)487 / G(3)565
Praise the God who changes places I like the joy of the tune written by William Rowan (BOE) for this song. Lyrics. Sound sample.

*TiS 210 / AHB 141 / NCH42 / CH352 / UMH57 / VU326 / LBW42 / ELW295 / A&M742 / HPP74 / GtG610 / PH466 / CP306 / CP(E) 534 / W&R96 / Cha005 / Srce506 / 82Hml-493 O for a thousand tongues to sing (Wesley) A classic. I particularly love NATIVITY for these words, and it's such a fun tune. Be careful with the words "ye dumb". Voices United has "Hear him you deaf, you voiceless ones, your tongues again employ" which is more respectful. We totally rocked this at church camp this year! Lyrics and one possible tune. 

*Tune In: A grain of wheat (Sheree Anderson) Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it won't form roots and grow. A boppy song with deeply meaningful lyrics. Reference recording, lyrics and songbook. Good for kids. 
*TiS 382 / AoV2-131 / ATN 15 / NCH238 / CH417 / UMH311 / VU186 / LBW280 / ELW570 / GA364 / A&M212 / HPP210 / GtG247 / G(II)318 / GC444 / GC(II)456 / G(3)534 / CP237 / CP(E) 153 / W&R311 / Cha230 / 82Hml-204 / Lau278 Now the green blade rises (NOEL NOUVELET) I love these words and this simple French folk tune. I particularly like this played to guitar, but TiS has an excellent piano arrangement too. Lyrics and tune sample. 

Psalm 4
Answer when I call; when you are disturbed ponder it on your beds. God brings safety and hears.
Church folders Turn an ear to me O Lord / Answer when I call (Foley) This is actually a setting of Psalm 102, but the refrain will work for this Psalm as well. It's in the folders at Brunswick UCA. Lyrics & Youtube. Sound sample.
Iona (T1AU) / CH222 / StJ / PfAS004B Night has fallen / Dzuwa lapita (Malawian evening hymn) A simple Psalm refrain, this one is quite lovely with or without the rest of the Psalm being read or chanted. Lyrics and sheet music sample.
PfAS004A O God defender of the poor (Idle) Good strong metrical words set to BROTHER JAMES' AIR.  
*Tune In Shepherd of the night (Loukes) "Have you ever felt the velvet night wrap you in her warmth". A lovely song with a theme of God’s protection. This is tricky for a congregation, so you might want to ask the musicians to play this. Lyrics, sound sample and songbook. 
*Emergent Psalter Answer me (Everett) A simple refrain for a psalm read over improvised music. Sheet music for refrain.  
*AoV1-056 / CH217 / GA541 / G(II)551 / GC761 / GC(II)750 / G(3)859 / URW201 / Lau881 God of Day and God of Darkness (Haugen) This song is specific for evening services, but lovely words and set to a familiar tune (BEACH SPRING). I often think this is only good for an evening service, but the image of darkness and night doesn't have to be taken literally, and the call to rest at the end of the last verse would be good for those who take the celebration of Sabbath as a call to rest. Lyrics.
*Linnea Good When I lie down (Bauman / Good) Simple refrain.
*TiS 613 / AHB 546 / ATOK 405 / CH166 / LBW469 / ELW765 / A&M713 / SFFS2197 / HPP265 / GtG683 / GC578 / GC(II)560 / G(3)663 / CP506 / CP(E) 507 / W&R469 / URW179 / 82Hml-482 / Lau969 Lord of all hopefulness Lord of all joy (Struther) Excellent straightforward Irish tune (Slane), and beautiful words. Would be a good choice for the final song.
VU727 In the night I can take my rest (Wright) Simple refrain to a responsive setting of the Psalm. PH160 / PfAS004B In the night I can take my rest (Teague) A simple refrain to the Psalm.  *AoV2-091 When The Night becomes dark your love O Lord is a fire (Toolan) A lovely simple chant. Sound sample. 
*Taize When The Night becomes dark your love O Lord is a fire (Berthier) Lovely Taize chant to the same words. Sound sample.  
NCH553 / UMH375 / VU612 / WoV737 / ELW614 / HPP379 / GtG792 / PH394 / G(II)460 / GC648 / GC(II)617 / G(3)640 / W&R631 / Cha501 / ZSS114 / SgTJ1045 / 82Hml-676 There is a balm in Gilead This beautiful song, while not steeped in layers of meaning for non-Americans is worth singing wherever you live. Choral arrangement sound sample.
*GC(II)618 / G(3)729 Only You O God (Briehl) A nice alternative to "Balm in Gilead", sung to the same tune. Verse 2 is particularly touching.  Lyrics and sheet music. Sound sample.   
*Recorded music In the stillness (Trish Watts) This beautiful chant would fit well with the Psalm; from her album "Invokation". "In the stillness, there is a sweet gentle voice, calming the storm in the night". Available here.
*AoV2-054 / Iona (T1AU, LFB) / MV077 /  GtG414 / SFFS 2057 / G(II)438 / GC618 / RS 736 / SP&P111 / PfAS046D / URW409 / Lau909 Be still and know that I am God (Bell / Maule) This simple chant is beautiful. I'd much rather sing this than the more well known version. Works as a round or in unison. Good for kids.
*ATOK 311 / CH754 / GA401 Be still and know that I am God and there is none beside me (Iona) A good alternative. I like the 2nd verse especially "I am the one who calls you my friends, and there is none beside me". CH doesn't have the 2nd verse.  Again, while not directly related to the Psalm, it is related and Good for kids.
NCH Psalter004 Let the light of your face shine on us O God (Niedmann) A very simple refrain and chanted Psalm. 

1 John 3:1-7
We are God’s children. In Christ there is no more sin.
Online resource Children of God (Harding) A simple two part chant. Will need to be taught. Sheet music sample (note that the sound sample on this site is for a different song!)
TiS 546 / AHB 122 / CH491 / CH492 / LBW309 / ELW599 / A&M127 / HPP405 / GtG417 / / PH301 / CP511 / CP(E) 97 / W&R386 / 82Hml-641 / Lau204 Lord Jesus think on me Most versions of this are difficult to relate to, but CH492 has the best words of all translations I've found. I think it's great to be able to sing these ancient words from the 4th century with generations who have had the same anxieties that we do.  
AoV2-037 Children Of God in one family (Walker) Great for kids. Sometimes we mess up, but God forgives. Good for kids.
*TiS 163 / AHB 112 / NCH556 / UMH150 / LBW463 / ELW771 / GtG024  / PH268 / W&R644 / Cha651 / URW084 / 82Hml-580 God who stretched the spangled heavens Good words of creation of nature and cities and creative possibilities for the future. AHB has a Father and old language, but it works okay; TiS and other sources are better. There are many possible tunes. I like it best to HOLY MANNA as in the link. Lyrics and sound sample.
AoVK-119 We're God's family God's children (Watts/O'Brien) Good words. Catchy tune.  Good for kids.
*TiS 465 / AHB 399 / ATA 115 / NCH279 / A&M271 / Iona (SBL) / CH116 / GA381 / Lau313 Our God in heaven / Father in heaven / Loving Creator grant to your children (Maquiso / Niles) I really like this hymn, especially the Philippino folk melody to which it's set. Newer versions of the hymn from the Christian Conference of Asia have altered the lyrics to "Our God in heaven / Creator God" in the first verse. Other versions, such as CH4 have "Loving Creator / Parent and God". 
*MV157 I am a child of God (Harding) A simple song with powerful words. Good for kids and adults alike. Very easy to learn. Good for kids (just the first verse probably). 
*TiS 417 / AoV2-133 / ATW 448 / VU387 / StJ / WoV683 / ELW397 / AA94 / HPP237 / GtG293 / PH323 / CP657 / W&R135 / Cha244 / URW203 / StB220 Loving Spirit, Loving Spirit (Murray). There are about a zillion tunes set for this. I prefer FELICITY (by Colin Gibson TiS 417), but also like RESTORATION and OMNI DIE. Lyrics are here.
Luke 24:36b-48
Christ revealed in the breaking of bread and he eats some fish. Christ as the fulfillment of the prophets. 
*BUC songs In Breaking Bread (Whelan) This is not in Tune In as it was written more recently. A great song, with lots of repetition "In breaking bread Christ is here; When wine is shared Christ is here". Particularly appropriate if there is also communion, but will make sense without it. Good for kids.

*TiS 382 / AoV2-131 / ATN 15 / NCH238 / CH417 / UMH311 / VU186 / LBW280 / ELW570 / GA364 / A&M212 / HPP210 / GtG247 / G(II)318 / GC444 / GC(II)456 / G(3)534 / CP237 / CP(E) 153 / W&R311 / Cha230 / 82Hml-204 / Lau278 Now the green blade rises (NOEL NOUVELET) I love these words and this simple French folk tune. I particularly like this played to guitar, but TiS has an excellent piano arrangement too. Lyrics and tune sample. 
*TiS 380 / AHB 303 / NCH253 / CH419 / UMH308 / VU173 / LBW145 / ELW376 / A&M218 / HPP203 / GtG238 / PH122 / CP210 / CP(E)160 / W&R310 / Cha218 / Srce694 / Lau287 Thine be the glory risen conquering Son (Budry) One of the few older hymns that doesn't require updating, and beautiful harmonies... A great classic hymn! Lyrics and tune.
ATW 437 I have seen the Lord (Mann) I like this one. Lyrics here.*Iona (Love From Below) / CH434 / CP232 Jesus is risen from the grave (CHILDER) Good, simple rhythm and tune. You can even make up some verses if you like. Good for kids.
FFS07 Bring peace to us (John Murray) A simple chant with two possible tunes. Both are good. The first is a round. "Bring peace to us, bring peace through us, O God bring peace"
*Iona (LFB) / G(II)407 / GC583 God give us peace that lasts (Bell) Lovely words and a simple hymn tune. Prayer for peace, hope and love. This can also be sung to LOVE UNKNOWN. "God give us peace that lasts, not through the fear of might, but through the force of love, and love of life and right. Where costly wars and weapons lure, Show us our Lord among the poor". Lyrics, sound sample and sheet music
GC(II)722 / G(3)826 Jesus give us your peace (Mahler) Gospel song. It kind of merges personal peace with global peace. "Jesus bring us your peace, bring us together, let all the fighting cease…" Good for kids and teenagers. Lyrics and sheet music. Sound sample.
*AoV1-091 / AoVK-68 / StS016 / G(II)527 / GC(II)720 / G(3)821 Peace before us peace behind us (Haas) love this one. Reflective. Careful not too get too schmaltzy because it's long. Less is more. It's good to do something while singing this song. I did a circle dance at church to this once upon a time, but I can't remember how it went. It works well at a walking pace. Schmaltzy and SLOW sound sample. Lead sheet. Good for kids.
*CH786 May the God of peace go with us (Jamieson) A lovely benediction to a traditional Scottish tune. "May the God of peace go with us as we travel from this place; may the love of Jesus keep us firm in hope and full of grace". It's a little bit tricky.
AA016 Christ is our peace (Murray) Wow. This one is excellent. Would also be good for the offering. Very simple Irish traditional tune.  
*GGives2 What does peace look like to you (Dyson) A really nice simple song for kids about peace. Lots of questions about what peace might mean from images of nature, to an end to war. The last verse talks about a "bridge from God to man" which could be changed to "bridge from God to us". Good for kids.  
*Tune In: Making things new (Anderson). A groovy one. Great for kids, and lots of fun. Reference recording, lyrics and songbook. Good for kids.
*MV168 May peace be with you / Salamun Kullaheen (Traditional Lebanese) Simple chant in English and Arabic.
*NCH249 / GA517 Peace I leave with you my friends (Norbert) Slow, simple and excellent words. A congregation will pick this up the first time through, I think.


Susan Malthouse said...

Hey Natalie,
Is it possible to have a look at the BUC Song "In Breaking Bread". I really like Shawn's song, so I'm sure to like this one. If its possible to access, please let me know.
Thanks Susan Malthouse-Law

Lectionary Singer (Natalie Sims) said...

Hi Susan,
Can you email me at and I'll send you the music. Shawn's very happy to send it to you. The church is just starting to gear up to publish our next music book, but it's not quite there yet...